In need of renovation?

Charming properties with character. To live in a village or hamlet is certainly a nice option, very much in demand.
You can live privately, and have your own independence or if you wish, you can immerse yourself in the local community.

90% of the village houses and cortijos you will see are in need of renovation. You may like the area and the village but the house or cortijo you have fallen for needs help to fulfill the vision you have in your mind’s eye.
A proper renovation gives a fantastic result: a property with charm and character and … with all the comfort of modern life (double glazing windows, new carpentry, plumbing, electricity,internet…).
You can see the potential but are not sure how to make it happen …
‘We specialize in turning dreams into reality’.
You will be surprised!!

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We help you

The renovation process


Renovation work is completed as swiftly as possible, to agreed timescales. In normal
circumstances around two months.


As opposed to new build, renovation permits are simple, cost effective and quick to obtain. We do this on your behalf.


A set budget will be agreed, with specifications of works to be carried out, material and finishing allowances to be included.

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